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Megans Journal

make this last forever..

6/15/05 09:52 am

        I don't really use this journal any more so just go to my greatest journal from now on.


MuCh LoVe

6/6/05 09:16 pm

             Well, its winding  down to the last days of school. Thank God. I have been so stressed about exams and studying for them. It's rediculous. I can't wait till the summer and summer ice :) It will be LOADS of fun!The only downside is having to take drivers ed....

Ummm. Today was okay? um ya i had my English exam first and it wasnt even an exam al we had to do was write a paper on something that  happened to us  this year. Yeah it was pretty easy....

Then I had the Science exam....that wasn't pretty. wow i really don't  want to see what i got on that....  half day tho so that made my day :)

Tomorrow-  Algebra and Band exams..... Band will be very easy hah.  well at least i hope? umm skating after :)

Wednesday-  Book return, clean out my locker, and Swimming exam.... LAST DAY OF SCHOOL  and it is also the day I start drivers ed.. big whoop.

Gotta go my mama needs the computer!


6/3/05 10:12 pm

umm ya im too lazy to write anything in here... just look at my greatest journal. i will update sometime later.

keep the love goin ;)


5/29/05 10:39 am

This may be a long entry lol

Friday- went to school... mr.longhini is gone for good now. :( im sad. i was just starting to get use to him. um after school i went home and went online. Then me casey and kayla decided to go to AppleBees for dinner by ourselves hah. That was fun. The waitresses were like looking at us weird lol. After that we went to the mall for a little bit and later on my mom picked us all up and brought casey home because she wasnt feeling well. me and kayla really wanted to have a sleep over with casey but she wasnt feeling good so we had one at kaylas house. umm we played memory once again haha love that game :) we also watched white noise :) that wasnt as scary as i thought it would be but i jumped and screamed at a few parts lol. after the movie we went to sleep. zzz.

Saturday- um woke up around 10 o clock. took showers. casey called and she said that we werent going to the go cart place but told us to come online but we never did because of kaylas computer! her computer like wouldnt let us go on? idk it was weird. umm then casey called to see if we wanted to go see madagascar but we didnt want to because it was such a beautiful day :) so we took piper for a walk around the block :) and took him back and got money and we walked to beef-a-roo 8) yes we are cool haha. we took lotsa pictures :) umm we walked back and then we watched the neibors next door play basketball haha that was funny. they were all cheating haha. umm when that got boring we went to my house. we took lots of pictures on the beach :) they look cool :) umm then we came up and made some mac and cheese ;) that was good. then my mom finally came home from a graduation party and she brought us to frosty treats 8) mmmmmmm goood. we went home..... and went on the computer a little bit. then at like 8:45 kayla went home. then i watched a little tv and listened to music. and finally went to bed.zzzzzzz

Sunday- woke up at 10:30 and took a shower. now im online. umm are we doing anything today? i want to. ITS SUCH A NICE DAY. I think im going to take buddy for a walk later....

Monday- NO SCHOOL yes 8) plans?

Hugs not drugs ;)

keep it real lol


5/26/05 01:59 pm

ok my greatest journal is really screwed up so Im just going to update in this journal...

umm my day was normal. I finally got my yearbook yester day 8) yay i got a lot of people to sign it haha. Im gonna bring it to sk8ing too :)  yay skating lol! i am getting two new dresses i think and new skates : /  im happy but its going to cost alot. gah. but i really need the dresses and the skates because i hate my dance dress (the red and black one ahg) and i dont even have a compulsory dress.... and my skates i have had for two years and they are like breaking lol. so ya....

yay tomorrow is friday!! YAY. THREE DAY WEEKEND! call me you guys!! ya, you know who you are ;) maybe we could do something!  agh speech tomorrow.. not looking forward to that. but besides that i dont have any homework :) yay that makes me happy :)

Love me.

5/22/05 10:25 am

 this weekend was pretty good......

on friday i went to school and ya fun stuff... after school i went to frosty treats with my momma :) and this lady came up to us and she wanted to know if we wanted these sun catchers, and they were cool i guess. and it was a fundraiser for her church so we bought one. umm ya she thought i was in college? hmm ya right. but ya then we went home. went on line. and then Casey and Kayla came over :) and we did stuff....jumped on the trampoline......talked......the basic stuff haha. then they went home. zzzzzzz

ummm saturday i took a shower.... had lunch and then Kayla and Casey came over because we all were going to Gayla's Graduation Party :) i guess that party was pretty good :) there was so much FOOD 8) yummm cake ;) the cake was the best part hahaha. umm then we stopped by target cuz my mom needed toilet paper haha then we went to kaylas and caseys house because they wanted to change out of their skirts. then we went back to my house and i changed. so then we went down on the beach and jumped on the trampoline....ya that was fun :) haha. kayla....he wouldnt dare..SPLASH hahahahha that was really funny ;) umm ya then we talked and almost took a nap ahha didnt work we were too hiper. umm after that they went home.. and i went to bed. zzzzzzzzzzz

gnah today woke up.. took a shower... and now im here. umm ya i really need to get working on my speech for English!! i really dont want to read about it tho :( hmph.. umm ya... and plus its really disgusting, the book that im reading so ya i have to share that with the class. now they are all going ot think im a sicko for chosing that book. but like anyone else has a better book psh haha.

Moday- school. caseys house till 5. home. homework. sleep.
Tuesday- school. YEAR BOOKS AFTER SCHOOL! caseys house. skating :) home. homework. sleep
Wednesday- school. i have to give my speech in english gnah. home. homework. sleep
school. home. skating :) homework. sleep.
Friday- school. hopefully doing something........:)

love me.

5/18/05 02:58 pm

                            well there isnt much to say..today was alright i guess.
Band- i had to go to the cafeteria because they said i skipped school..ya but i really didnt because i only missed 3rd hour once and it was for band practice and
ya....almost got saturday school :/ gay mr.K gnah its all his fault. so i had to like fight with mr.shultz lol.. wow i was so mad it was crazy... umm went back to bacnd and played..

Algebra- we got our quizes back 91% not bad since i had no idea what i was doing lol.. umm did homework..i finnished early so i read...

Science- took the test......... gnah. i think i did bad on that..i never do well on science tests...

English- we were supposed to take this Ivanho test on describing everything about 5 characters..gah but then he told us that if we got the word princess or  teplar knight on our research paper, that we didnt have to take the test :) and we would automatically get a 100% . i didnt have the word princess on my paper..so i just started the quiz and then he was like "megan, arent you a princess?" and i was like "no" and then he said that i was a princess and that i didnt have to take it :) yay that made me happy :)

Lunch- caseys mom brought her Wendys hehe i got some fries ;) that was good...then we talked..usuall

Spanish- we did a review study for the exams the whole time...gah

Swimming-  we did some diving...and then we learned how to dive off the diving blocks lol that was horrible i hate that..lol

ummm then my mom picked me up and we went to cruise n' coffee to get some italian soda ;) mmmm mmmm good :) uhh then my mom dropped me off while she went to walmart...and so now im here. later i have to get started on my non fiction book report/speech..gnah

Vanz <3

5/15/05 10:47 am

well from my last entry i went to school and i was really bored...lol but after that my dad brought casey, kayla, and I to the mall :) and we shopped for a little bit... then we went  over to Taco Bell ;) and had some good food. hah. Then we went back to the mall for a little bit more and decided to walk to the carnival! lol. yea...we only went on one ride because we didnt have enough tickets hah. so then kayla  and i wanted to have a sleepover but miss casey didnt :( so it was just me and kayla . so ya....caseys mom picked her up and kaylas mom picked me and kayla up. umm we went to my house first  to pick up my clothes. Then went to McDonalds to get some fries :)  haha kaylas mom pulled up to the place where you pay and then just drove right through without picking up the food haha that was great. uh then we went to Econo Foods to get some treats ahha. then went to kaylas house :) we went online and looked at really cool skating dresses :) hehe . umm then i think we watched some tv and went to bed. except that we talked for like another hour and a half haha... zzzzz

we got up around 10:00... we both took showers....then we saw miss caseys away message that said that she was at the craft show ;) so we just had to go! lol. so it took us like 15 minutes to find her hah and then we finally spotted her. and we ran up and surprised her lol. umm then caseys mom brought us to kaylas house where we spent like 20 minutes there hah and then we went to my house ;) ...we had lunch... then we tryed to take a nap but ya....that didnt work to well hah. so then we just talked and did some other stuff...cant really remember! oh ya! we played like a ton of games!!! "Don't Wake Daddy!" is now called "Don't KILL Daddy!" hahhaha that game is so stuborn lol.. great times :) i had a lot o fun heh. then later on we had grilled cheeses for dinner.. and then they went home a little bi tafter that. umm i cleaned my room and my bathroom so its all clean now haha.... then i went to bed. zzzzz

Sunday- woke up at 10:00 again lol....took a shower....and now im here. im not sure what im going to do today? i think i might just laze around if no one else wants to do anything lol... well ill be here all day...so call if you please lol.

Love Megan

5/13/05 01:45 pm

       well im not sure what im doing this weekend... my mom isnt here because she is at her high school reunion in maryland. hmph..so now im stuck being home with my brother and dad...fun stuff.  so if anyone wants  to do anything just call....

          today was boring at school..when isnt it?.. umm i wont even write about it because its dull.. wow i have an exciting life..haha.

           this weekend i think im going to hang out with kayla and casey..hmmm i dont know tho because casey said that she wasnt feeling well. hmph...i really dont want to be stuck in my house the whole weekend........ gah im so bored....... well im gonna go and eat because im bored..and i eat when im bored hah.

love me.

5/8/05 10:54 am - happy mother's day :)

*My Weekend*

i went to school...boring as usuall but i did wear my new pink sparlky shoes and a cool shirt so that made me happy ahhaha i got some compliments on them hehe good stuff.. my mom picked me up and bought me frosty treats :) mmm that was good. Then came home went on aim, and me casey and kayla decided to go to the mall to shop for mother's day gifts :) and that was fun. so after that caseys mom picked us up and brought us to kaylas house, where we had the worlds best pasta with sause lol. it was really good mmmm :) then while kaylas mom was making us some pudding lol we went outside and did cartwheels and rolled down the hill :) hehe that was fun. even tho igot like a ton of grass stains on my jeans :( oh well. it was fun ;) after that we went inside and ate our pudding mmmmmmmmm that was sooooo goood!!! i want some more!!!  yum ;) so after that i called my mom and she brought me and casey home. and later  i went to sleep...zzzz

Saturday-i woke up around 11:30 hehe that felt good :) took a shower and got ready for the day. then my mom and i went to bonanza haha like always.. then we headed over to the car wash . ahh i love the smell of that different colored foam :) it smells like cherries or something! hehe. but ya then we went home.. and i watched the super nanny marathon ;) good show. umm then around 5 or 5:30 casey, kayla, and kara came over. we played outside for a bit then came in and had some mac and cheese :) yum. then casey insisted that we watch harry potter so we did but we didnt really watch it because i dont know about anyone else but i got bored so we just started talking and goofing around ahah. and so then we just did that about the rest of the time ;) hehe i love madre goosay and mother goose ;) the two best geese in the entire world hahah great stuff. then they all went home. and harry potter was still going hahah. thats a long movie lol. so then i watched mrs.doubtfire or at least the rest of it ;) and then went to bed. zzzzz

Sunday-     H A P P Y   M O T H E R '  D A Y !    i woke up around 9 ish. gave my mom her present :) i think she liked it :) then i went upstairs and took a shower. and now im here.... but i think im going to make some pancakes in a little bit because im hungry ;) and later, my grandma is coming up... i love her and all but i just wish that she would wear her hearing aids!! gah i have to scream to her for her to hear me and i hate it! gah... but ya hah then my family my grandma and i think some of my uncles are going to bonanza for lunch. and then im coming home and i dont know what... i think my grandma is going to go back to munising after that..not sure yet..... hmm

agh school tomarrow.......ahha casey-" guess where you get to come with me tomarrow?!" me- "the hospital?" casey- : uhh why would i have to go to the hospital?"  hahahha that was so great... mm maybe you had to be there lol... yea its all good ;)

lotsa love   megan
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